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Curtis Rueden2670 (45.26%)122727814110472009-11-162012-10-201068 days, 20:33:483921
Barry DeZonia2032 (34.45%)133151948262010-01-122012-10-191010 days, 17:25:564992
Johannes Schindelin717 (12.15%)28362257592011-09-092012-10-19405 days, 20:47:151183
Grant Harris177 (3.00%)1370701248042010-03-262012-03-01705 days, 22:58:40874
Rick Lentz155 (2.63%)118092628582009-12-232011-02-24427 days, 20:27:16585
Aivar Grislis69 (1.17%)785263092010-10-152012-09-07692 days, 19:19:35266
Lee Kamentsky55 (0.93%)984656522011-03-282012-04-24393 days, 4:06:07247
Adam Fraser12 (0.20%)662011-04-042011-10-14192 days, 20:50:0088
Mark Hiner10 (0.17%)43592012-03-292012-03-290:00:1019
Wayne Rasband1 (0.02%)002012-06-182012-06-180:00:00110
Melissa Linkert1 (0.02%)16182012-02-272012-02-270:00:00111

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Author of Month

MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012-10Barry DeZonia60 (49.18% of 122)Johannes Schindelin, Curtis Rueden3
2012-09Curtis Rueden114 (50.44% of 226)Johannes Schindelin, Barry DeZonia, Aivar Grislis4
2012-08Curtis Rueden275 (62.08% of 443)Barry DeZonia, Johannes Schindelin, Aivar Grislis4
2012-07Johannes Schindelin101 (44.89% of 225)Curtis Rueden, Barry DeZonia3
2012-06Curtis Rueden186 (68.38% of 272)Barry DeZonia, Johannes Schindelin, Wayne Rasband4
2012-05Curtis Rueden82 (38.50% of 213)Johannes Schindelin, Barry DeZonia3
2012-04Curtis Rueden80 (42.33% of 189)Johannes Schindelin, Barry DeZonia, Lee Kamentsky4
2012-03Curtis Rueden84 (38.36% of 219)Barry DeZonia, Johannes Schindelin, Mark Hiner, Grant Harris5
2012-02Barry DeZonia53 (43.09% of 123)Curtis Rueden, Johannes Schindelin, Melissa Linkert4
2012-01Johannes Schindelin147 (65.62% of 224)Curtis Rueden, Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris4
2011-12Curtis Rueden100 (65.79% of 152)Barry DeZonia, Johannes Schindelin, Grant Harris, Aivar Grislis5
2011-11Curtis Rueden180 (65.22% of 276)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Johannes Schindelin4
2011-10Curtis Rueden97 (46.19% of 210)Barry DeZonia, Johannes Schindelin, Grant Harris, Adam Fraser5
2011-09Curtis Rueden155 (60.08% of 258)Johannes Schindelin, Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Lee Kamentsky, Aivar Grislis6
2011-08Curtis Rueden117 (56.80% of 206)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Lee Kamentsky4
2011-07Curtis Rueden187 (57.19% of 327)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Lee Kamentsky, Adam Fraser5
2011-06Barry DeZonia117 (46.25% of 253)Curtis Rueden, Grant Harris, Lee Kamentsky, Adam Fraser5
2011-05Barry DeZonia109 (50.93% of 214)Curtis Rueden, Lee Kamentsky, Grant Harris4
2011-04Curtis Rueden104 (48.15% of 216)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Aivar Grislis, Adam Fraser, Lee Kamentsky6
2011-03Curtis Rueden180 (66.42% of 271)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Lee Kamentsky4
2011-02Curtis Rueden93 (65.49% of 142)Barry DeZonia, Rick Lentz, Aivar Grislis, Grant Harris5
2011-01Barry DeZonia99 (45.00% of 220)Curtis Rueden, Aivar Grislis, Rick Lentz, Grant Harris5
2010-12Barry DeZonia94 (43.12% of 218)Curtis Rueden, Rick Lentz, Grant Harris4
2010-11Barry DeZonia50 (57.47% of 87)Curtis Rueden, Grant Harris, Rick Lentz, Aivar Grislis5
2010-10Barry DeZonia73 (62.93% of 116)Curtis Rueden, Aivar Grislis3
2010-09Barry DeZonia73 (55.73% of 131)Curtis Rueden, Rick Lentz3
2010-08Barry DeZonia65 (97.01% of 67)Rick Lentz2
2010-07Barry DeZonia25 (56.82% of 44)Rick Lentz, Curtis Rueden3
2010-06Barry DeZonia11 (100.00% of 11)1
2010-05Curtis Rueden3 (50.00% of 6)Barry DeZonia2
2010-04Barry DeZonia41 (61.19% of 67)Curtis Rueden, Rick Lentz3
2010-03Barry DeZonia32 (74.42% of 43)Curtis Rueden, Rick Lentz, Grant Harris4
2010-02Barry DeZonia33 (75.00% of 44)Rick Lentz2
2010-01Barry DeZonia29 (47.54% of 61)Rick Lentz, Curtis Rueden3
2009-12Rick Lentz1 (50.00% of 2)Curtis Rueden2
2009-11Curtis Rueden1 (100.00% of 1)1

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012Curtis Rueden999 (44.28% of 2256)Johannes Schindelin, Barry DeZonia, Lee Kamentsky, Mark Hiner, Grant Harris9
2011Curtis Rueden1467 (53.44% of 2745)Barry DeZonia, Grant Harris, Johannes Schindelin, Aivar Grislis, Lee Kamentsky8
2010Barry DeZonia529 (59.11% of 895)Curtis Rueden, Rick Lentz, Grant Harris, Aivar Grislis5
2009Curtis Rueden2 (66.67% of 3)Rick Lentz2

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DomainsTotal (%)
wisc.edu4768 (80.83%)
gmx.de717 (12.15%)
mbl.edu177 (3.00%)
gmail.com167 (2.83%)
broadinstitute.org55 (0.93%)
potato.(none)13 (0.22%)
nih.gov1 (0.02%)
glencoesoftware.com1 (0.02%)
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